Wednesday, April 20, 2011

These are the days of our lives......

I am so jealous of stay at home moms! I think about it everyday at least once a day! But I work from home part time and from my office part time so I actually have it better than it could be but my precious daughter is getting to be so funny... I am loving these times and I must say I am itching for baby number 2 not saying we are trying (who am i kidding no one reads this LOL) but it's getting BAD lol... But I love being a momma so much that sometime the other areas of my life really suffer But hubs decided he was going to spring a SURPRISE me with a special date. He set up a sitter and all the plans!!!! So after days of him trying to get around asking me about my schedule without actually asking me my schedule he had it all ready to go. I aggravated the snot out of him once I knew we had a "DATE" and what was it?!?!?!?

TIM MCGRAW concert!!!!!! So amazing!!! So SURPRISED and Soooo hubby received major Brownie points LOL


Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's been a year! Pretty Personal Post

I am back! I cannot tell you how much I really want to do this! Ugh it frustrates me so bad because I love reading these. My friend Katie (basically the only person I know that reads this) started it last year and has stuck it out. She kept hers going I live an hour away from her and followed her pregnancy step by step! So here it goes baby steps........

The last month to say the the least has been the worst of my "short ;)" life. My baby brother has had some health problems that resulted into him being put into Emory Hospital with the possibility of a liver transplant. He went in December 28th and now it's January 27th and they are trying to find him a spot at rehab facility in Augusta GOD IS GOOD. It's really made me sit back and judge my life. Am I doing everything in my world that I want. I have bad problem of feeling like I have TIME to do the things I want. I have always wanted to be mom. The only thing I KNEW I wanted. And now I have her. She is amazing, perfect, everything I dreamed it would be and more. But I put everything else to the back burner. I don't keep up with friends or family like I should. My little brother was a prime example of just "neglecting" people. This whole month all I kept thinking about was wanting to be closer or communicating with the people in my life more. I get out of touch with people I love all the time. I am going to try to work on that this year.
Last year I found a love for photographing people. That has completely exploded into something amazing! I was so honored at the number of people that asked me to photograph them last year. When people ask you to take pictures of their family to me it's a whole other gesture. They are entrusting me to capture their family. 20 years from now we won't look the same, we will not be in the same position we are in life, the same people may not be alive! EVERYTHING will be different. But when they look at my photo they will remember their child turning 3 or their wedding day or being pregnant. To me THAT'S amazing.

It's nice to have something that you do for you! So here's a plug =)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Not much going on here!

The weekend went by pretty fast (as usual, WHY IS THAT) the baby and I weren't feeling well so that always makes things crazy. We had a play date that we were so excited about with my friend Katie (basically the only person that reads this) but canceled it because of not feeling well. Brandon had to go to the hunting club for something or another so we were able to take a LONG LONG nap!!! That is for sure one of the things I miss pre-AVA~Naps~ I cooked dinner Saturday night we rented a movie and had a lazy day Sunday.

But let me tell you I started Monday out with a BANG..... I was going down the road minding my own business, stopped at a stop sign. Put pressure on the gas pedal and then......................................................................OMG SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL ON THE VERY NARROW TWO LANE ROAD WITH CARS COMING EVERYWHERE.... I almost wet my pants... I barely get out because the back end of my car is in the air and the front is in a DITCH. Thank the lord for the two trucks of guys that got out to help me. It's nice to know people will still help you when you are in trouble. That's really about it. The Ava portion of the blog, she now tells me everything is "MINE"EVERYTHING is hot, from her food to her bath. She draws all of her hands because her daddy traced her hand last week now she does it ALL the time. I also registered her for Children's Day Out at Grace. That my friends I will save for another post. It is One tree Hill time and I am so ready to go to bed.. Nighty Night

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My once a year post!

Maybe this should be a once a year blog... So I am back at it. I feel like I always do this but we are going to try to keep posting. I have a lot of things I can talk about since I haven't wrote in awhile. I will just write about whatever is on my mind. My good friend Katie has decided to do one so we will try and stay at it!

Ava is mocking everyone like a parrot... She has picked up STOOOOOOP~and~Cup and DAYSEE, Nonna and............. SHUT UP! Isn't that great, I promise there is no prouder moment in a parent's life as to when your child starts talking. You feel like you are reaching this milestone between baby and kid. Then your precious little angel looks at you and say SHOT UP! You stand there and you blink about a hundred times and you are silent and COMPLETELY still. You take deep breaths until she says it AGAIN. Your thinking surely this is just another time where her jib jabbing sounds like something terrible. You put yourself back together and tell her that's ugly and you shouldn't say words like that a sweet girls don't do that ( all your good parent quotes) and then go back to your business. You decide not to tell anyone because if you repeat it it's true and then your sweet INNOCENT mother says " I think Ava is saying SHUT UP" you look at her like she has totally offended you and say "good gracious mom what on earth would make you think that" ;)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Uh OH her comes trouble

I was really hoping to have her walking by her first birthday but she wasn't. One Thursday night about 10 days later we were sitting around just doing the normal thing and she took 3 steps. She had been doing that for a couple of weeks but never more. She was in the middle of the living room with a toy and she looked at me on the couch and took off. UH it was the proudest moment of my life.... I just stared at her. I was so happy that both of us were here to see it she did so good!!! In all the excitement the only thing I didn't think about was a camera HA!!


Ok so it happened. I knew that I was going to never write in this. I guess we can play catch up from last post. We will start with her birthday party well lets call it birthday festivities haha. Her paternal grandparents along with her Uncle and Aunt live in Pennsylvania, so the weekend they came into town in May her grandparents and my parents came over for dinner and cake and ice cream. It was nice and a lot of fun. Ava hated the whole cake experience. So the next weekend was her BLOW OUT... We went and had a gorgeous cake made, I had a dress made for her, we bought chicken to grill and we were all out by the pool. She had her "Besties Friends" show up, Kelsey Lynn, Goldie Grayce and Kyler. Also, there other people that love and care up her... Her Uncle Chris, Aunt Shannon, Nonna, Granddaddy, Uncle Derek, Mrs. Katie, Ms. Brittany, Ms. Kristina and Ms. Lynn, Ms. Julia.... Also, two very special people that are like another set of Grandparents Mr. Bobby and ms. Lurlene. Luckily her Aunt Laura and Cassidy were able to come from Pennsylvania. Ava did really well until it was nap time and she crashed while eating her chicken it was pretty funny. Because of the busy season everyone came into two groups so it was nice to be able visit with everyone. She sleep for a few minutes and then I woke her up to open her presents. Then all the guys and Kyler went swimming for a little while we were terrified the rain was going to catch up!! We have a lot of great pictures and it was definitely the best 1ST BIRTHDAY party I have ever been to ;)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Today I had like three people that needed to stop by for something or another. One being a friend of mine whose baby is like 5 months older than Ava. I have another friend whose baby is 3 months younger than Ava and she has "played" with Kelsey Lynn a couple of times but that usually consists of Ava taking whatever we have giving Kelsey and Kelsey "yelling" at her! We always say we can't wait till they can actually play together without me being nervous Ava is going to beat her up! But today was different Goldie Grayce was walking around playing and Ava was crawling after her. We laughed so hard at them communicating and then it went south. Goldie Grayce is VERY much attached to her blankie and Ava was not being a good hostess. She sat on it and she GG could not get if from her well GG was ticked. She screamed and tugged and in the process fell down and hurt her eye :( That was sad but everytime Ava got near her she yelled and buried her head in her mommma like she was holding a grudge OMG we had the best time. Everything except the injury was just HILARIOUS! We have made plans to for sure do that again!